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S2 Ep75. Jung’s Answer to Job. Part 3. The Drama between Mankind and God.

August 20, 2022

Answer to Job has 20 chapters that formed a complex unity in Jung’s mind. This episode will summarize the first 10 of these. Themes include:

Jung is indignant at the injustice done to Job. The unconscious creator needs conscious humanity so as to develop but, at the same time it opposes this. The incarnation of God into man through Christ is a world-shaking transformation or objectification of God. God needs to become a man. The incarnation is not to make reparation for mankind’s sins but to make up for Yahweh’s damage to Job (i.e. humanity). Yahweh lacks a feminine side – the lost Sophia. Christ embodies the hero myth. The incarnation of Christ is insufficient to deal with the problem of evil. The belief that God is all good is simply not credible. The God image is a mixture of opposites.

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