The Quest: Vision in an age of Crisis. Economic & Financial Crisis. Jungian Psychotherapy

S2 Ep73. Exploration of Jung’s Answer to Job. Part 1. The Background.

July 9, 2022

This is the start of miniseries within the Spiritual Crisis of our Time in which I examine Jung’s Answer to Job, one of his most enigmatic and fascinating books, written in 1952 and which was clearly of enormous personal importance to him.

This episode:

# explores Jung’s own psychology, especially in his childhood, as a background to this work.

# presents Jung’s account of his religious and theological struggles in his adolescence.

# gives a brief account of the story of Job as presented in the bible.

# presents the question that Jung felt he had to answer.

This series concerns a metaphysical exploration of nature of evil, the contradictions in the godhead, and the dangers to humanity in our own times.

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